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Have you ever been bored watching the cricket, waiting for some action? Why not try Cricket Zumo - the perfect companion to watch the cricket with! With Cricket Zumo you get to predict outcomes throughout the match, improve your betting skills and be better prepared for the next time you bet with real money.

At Cricket Zumo, we intend to provide you with all the thrills and chills of cricket betting with zero chance of you losing money! Sounds hard to believe, right? Keep reading.

Cricket Zumo is a platform with which you can test your cricket betting skills with our betting simulator. Enjoy Free Daily Credits, Pre-Match Notifications and Best in-play odds to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the match. Test your skills in the Global Leaderboard or invite your friends to form your own mini competition, and find out who is the best Zumo is. All this fun, and all for FREE!!!





We believe that cricket betting is a skill. Cricket Zumo’s will normally educate themselves on the condition of the pitch, weather, player form and team performance before predicting the most likely outcome of the match. Along with this, they will ensure that they are betting with the best price available on the market.

At Cricket Zumo, we allow our users to sharpen these skills without risking any money. The objective at Cricket Zumo is to provide the best In-Play odds to make sure our Zumo’s have a fun yet challenging space to place bets. We provide multiple options such as Match Odds, Session Runs, Batsman Total runs and many more. As you make better choices, you accumulate more virtual currency. This, in turn, moves you further up our leaderboard charts.

What’s more, you can even challenge your friends in a mini competition. Create your own league with your friends and see who tops that leaderboard. Other Fantasy Sports apps which you can play with friends are often less exciting, as most of the users in a group have similar selections of players. This isn’t a problem with Cricket Zumo.

Using Real Time odds of a match adds even further to the thrill to your Mini league. If that isn’t enough, you can track your performance on a weekly basis, and where you end up on the leaderboard is anybody’s guess.

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